Goodbye Beautiful Lola

See ya later Lola, it's been a hoot of a scoot!

Well the time had finally come to clear out the shed, a couple of my scooters just had to go. Being self employed is great but not having the time to get the scooters out was starting to get me down, just seeing them sitting there was making it worse.
The decision of what to keep and what to sell was fairly easy. The GTS is my main mode of transport these days, for the short trips to the shop, the long trips into the country and every other trip in between. My SS180 is still very much a work in progress and my favourite old scooter & therefore 'Sophia' just had to stay. So that leaves Francesca and Lola.
Lola was my first classic Vespa and it was kind of sad to have to let her go. Francesca (or Fat Franki as I often call her) is on the market too, she's been fun to play with over the last few years but she's just not getting used and I am so sure someone will love her.

So...Lola went to her new owners today, Sue and Darren are going to take her to Western Australia for her new life. I am sure she'll be loved and looked after but I have to admit, I felt a bit sad this afternoon to watch her loaded up and driven away. 

Sellers remorse? 
What's the ONLY thing to do in this situation? 
Yep...go for a good long scoot!
I came back with a smile on my face and I feel a whole lot better about it.

Thanks Bella ;)

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