What do we have here?

I've had an email from a mate in Indonesia who has come across these old girls in a shop workshop/shed and wants to know if I want them??? Hmmmm?? What to do? ;)

Looks like a couple of old GS150's to me, and the gold handlebar model with farro basso lamp..? Not sure??

I'm awaiting prices on stripping, crating and shipping first before deciding what to do but not much known on their history so that can be hard.

Another barn find story, my mate who does my machine work and welding etc is also a pilot. He met up with a guy recently who is in rural victoria for summer as a water bomber pilot but his summer project between fire calls is to get an old Rally 200 going, one he found recently in a shed down here and bought for $100. Yes, that's right. one hundred dollars!! :0 He changed the sparkplug, added fuel and kicked her over, off she went!! I've been helping him out with parts so maybe he'll be kind to me when summer is over and I might get a cheap Rally.

Which brings me to the next thing, time to get rid of some old Vespas I think! I'll probably flog the 150 Supers, keep the SS180 and GTS300 and just go back to the buying and selling rather than buying and keeping! :)

MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL, Safe Scootin' for 2010.

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