Vespa GTS300ie......It's Scooter-licious!!

Meet Arabella.

I took the plunge and bought myself a brand spanking new scooter this week. I have been eyeing off the new 2009 Vespa 3oo Super for a few months and decided to just go buy one! :) Life is waaaay to short to not reward yourself from time to time. Gotta say...she is absolutely gorgeous and a complete pleasure to ride. She has way more pick up and power than I imagined and it is very easy to look down at the speedo and see it at 80 without even trying...

I called Warren at Peter Stevens in Geelong and assumed I'd be choosing from white or black, after reading somewhere that the red models would be limited and hard to find. when he said..."or would you like a red one?"..I nearly fell off my chair! So it was meant to be :)

This morning was particularly windy and I went for ride around the coast to test her out. I was being knocked around quite a bit by the strong coast winds but managed to keep a fairly good even line in very difficult conditions, I was very impressed with this as if I was on one of my old scooters I would have been in the dirt. She climbed very steep hills with ease and never missed a beat, actually feels more 'zippy' to me that some of the big road bikes I've had.

She is Scooter-licious that's for sure!


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