Out with the old....

So....I have been thinking about buying another scooter but wondering why I think I need 4 scooters in my shed when I can only ever ride one at a time.
It's a disease!
I started thinking about selling one of the old Supers to help with the finances for purchase but not sure I could part with either of my Supers when it comes to the crunch....
I am liking the look of the 300 Super and toying with the idea of grabbing one when this contract is over.
I am currently working in the bush on a construction site doing OHS and I think I'll need to reward myself at the end of it :)
What better way than spoiling myself with a brand new Vespa.
Is it possible to love both old geared scoots and new twisties alike?
I think so, it's a Vespa after all :)
I'll just go with white as its safer on the road. I'll be able to jazz her up with decals if I get bored.
Now all I need is a suitable name for her, any suggestions?

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