Do I need to go faster than 105KPH on 10" wheels?

210cc! That's Wicked!!

As is mentioned on the page....

"The SS barrel has more wall thickness than the GS160 and can be bored out to accommodate a P200 piston for a resulting capacity of 210cc"

I'd be interested to hear from people who've done this?


  1. Sam,

    If you are going to do this, I urge you to research the Grimstead Hurricane (SS180 converted to a 200CC). There are kits available for this. Do NOT bore out your stock head. It is too valuable as stock in my opinion.

    Start reading here:

    Also, sign up for membership to the Yahoo Vespa Super-Sports Group and I bet there are a couple of people who have made this conversion.

    Also, look into paint for a Grimstead and see if that is a direction you'd want to go.

    Hope this helps,


  2. Hiya Jeremy, I had a look at the Grimstead, not sure I'm that hardcore :) It's sweet - but I've been thinking more about it since writing that and decided to just leave her as is. I'm in a rural town, 100kms to nearest city so I have no need to go faster than the town limits allow (between 40 kph-80kph) It would be nice to have a scooter that I can cruise on if I want to though, my other 2 are OK but nothing like Sophia will be when done. It's exciting. I have a crank question I will add to my blog and see who responds. I'll also go check out the yahoo group