A New Years Resolution that I finally kept!

I had a dream.
This year I wanted to buy another scooter so I could always have one in running order when one is off the road. I had been watching a restored and customised vespa pop up for sale on and off online over the last 12 months or so and made an offer recently that was somewhat surprisingly accepted.
So.......I am officially a scooter collector!

"My Stable"

LOLA- 1974 150 Super

& Introducing

Francesca (thanks Marco)

(formally and very briefly known as Arabella)

She was listed as a 1966 Super but according to her numbers she's a '78 150 Super under all the customisation-but she's wider, longer, curvier and has all the wrong bling but nothing that can't be fixed as I have all the parts already in stock.

Lucky I'm not a purist I suppose...

She was a BARGAIN with a capital B and I am still grinning- thanks Dave :)

Now.....where to find an old GS?

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