New Scooter!

Friday 29th Feb 2008

Well I am so excited about my new scooter, just one drawback really, I am here in Portland and Francesca is still in Coffs Harbour- but as Granny always told me, good things come to those who wait.

I have to credit a scooter mate of mine in Cairns for christening her Francesca, I had chosen Arabella as it meant 'answered prayer' but the new name suits better for a couple of reasons.

I emailed Marco to show off a pic and was telling him she is a bit of a 'Frankenscoot' in that she is customised and has many different parts on board and his suggestion of Francesca for a name kind of fits. Franki for short, which was the nicname of my beloved old 70's caravan that I recently sold.

So it's Francesca and far!

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